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Last updated: 21 Dec 2019

Hotel Zilol Baht, Samarkand, Uzbekistan

Rating 3 stars
5, Usmon Yusupov street
140100, Samarkand, Uzbekistan
Room rates from
60 US$
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Hotel "Zilol Baxt" is a 3-star hotel in the center of Samarkand, offers you 56 rooms in various categories, including 8 junior suites and 48 spacious double rooms.

From the hotel windows you can admire a wonderful view of the city; just one hundred meters away there are the most famous sights of Samarkand - mausoleum of Gur-Emir, and architectural complex "Registan". The hotel restaurants offer over 100 different dishes, and, you can try the most popular Asian and European dishes.

For business people there is a conference hall with an area of 120 sq.m. equipped with all needed to hold a successful presentation and/or business meetings. All 58 rooms of the hotel are equipped with individual air-conditioning system, adjustable heating system, cable TV, mini-bars, wireless Internet access, and telephone connection. Bathrooms are equipped with shower cabins, hair dryers, and toiletries.
Читать на русском о гостинице Зилол Бахт, Самарканд, Узбекистан

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