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Last updated: 24 Dec 2018

BnB Meros, Khiva, Uzbekistan

Rating 2 stars
A.Boltaeva Str 57
Khiva, Uzbekistan
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40 US$
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The Meros Guest House is located inside the walls of the Ichan-Kala fortress, on the edge of the old quarter of Khiva. The clay facing of the hotel facade makes it almost identical with the neighboring apartment buildings. It is located only 200 meters from the central street of the Old Town, where most of the monuments of Khiva are located.

All seven rooms of the guest house are equipped with individual air-conditioners, wireless Internet, private bathrooms, four of the seven rooms have access to balconies. The rooms provide access to a magnificent roof terrace where you can order dinner with splendid views of Ichan-Kala.

For recreation guests can use a common lounge, a bar with a large selection of drinks and a fine dining room where breakfast is served in the morning. The hotel offers business center services, bicycle rental, airport / train station shuttle for an additional fee. The distance to the International Airport "Urgench" is 33 km.
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