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Last updated: 28 Dec 2019

Hotel Club Hotel 777, Fergana, Uzbekistan

Rating 3 stars
7a Pushkin Str
150100, Fergana, Uzbekistan
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41 US$
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The 777 Club Hotel was built in 2002. The hotel is located near to the center of Fergana city, 3 km away from the airport. This is a perfect place to stay if you need comfort and excellent service.

The hotel has 34 rooms with 68 beds. Of them, 9 rooms are delux ones, 8 bungalows, 15 standard rooms and one villa.

All rooms have air conditions and heating, direct dial phone, satellite TV, refrigerator, minibar, safe in rooms, bathroom with hairdryer and round-the-clock service.

Onsite there are inside and outside swimming pools, restaurant and cafe, two conference halls, business center, sauna, fitness facility, laundry and parking lot.

European and Uzbek cuisine is served in the restaurant with traditional music and vegetarian meals as option.
Читать на русском о гостинице Клаб Отель 777, Фергана, Узбекистан

Facilities and amenities

Parking inside hotelBar(s) in hotelRestaurant(s) in hotelBusiness center
Fitness facilityIndoor swimming poolOutdoor swimming poolTV
Tub in the bathroomHair dryer

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