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Last updated: 13 Sep 2019

Omar Khayyam, Bukhara, Uzbekistan

Rating 4 stars
7, Khakikat str
705000, Bukhara, Uzbekistan
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59 US$
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The four-star Omar Khayyam hotel is located in a picturesque old part of the city which will create unforgettable impressions from your stay in Uzbekistan and Bukhara. The hotel is within walking distance of most important monuments of ancient Bukhara - trading domes "Toki Zargaron" and "Toki Telpakfurushon", mosque Mirzo Ulugbek and Abdulazizhan, Poi-Kalyan complex, Arc Citadel. The hotel has 47 comfortable rooms, each beautifully decorated. Some rooms have a living area, others offer a terrace or balcony overlooking the hotel courtyard.

All rooms are equipped with autonomous air-conditioners, refrigerators, satellite TV, wireless Internet, minibars, bathrooms with shower and hairdryer. The hotel's restaurant offers a wide variety of vegetarian, European and Korean dishes, open-air activities in the courtyard with 'aivan' and a cafeteria decorated in national style. For business people, the Omar Khayyam hotel offers a conference hall and a business center where all necessary facilities are arranged for successful events. There is a 24-hour reception, gift shop, free parking and a free shuttle service to Bukhara International Airport.
Читать на русском о гостинице Омар Хаям, Бухара, Узбекистан

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