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Last updated: 16 Jan 2020

Hotel New Moon, Bukhara, Uzbekistan

Rating 2 stars
Eshoni Pir Street 8
200100, Bukhara, Uzbekistan
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50 US$
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The New Moon Hotel is located in the heart of Bukhara, a five-minute walk from the Lyabi-Hauz complex. The facade of the two-story building does not stand out much against the background of other houses in the vicinity and it seems to be quite simple, but inside all is different: the walls of the lobby are decorated with traditional oriental floral patterns and magnificent paintings depicting the main sights of Bukhara. The floor is covered with bright carpets.

The hotel New Moon offers guests twenty-three rooms that are decorated in a traditional Uzbek style in warm colors. They are equipped with original furniture made of solid wood. All rooms are provided with air conditioning, refrigerator, satellite TV, wireless Internet access and private bathroom.

The restaurant of the hotel is decorated in the same style, and vegetable patterns in the decor complement the murals with various stories from the history of Uzbekistan. The hotel's restaurant serves Uzbek cuisine. Hotel's guests can use the parking and laundry services onsite, airport shuttle services are available for a fee. The hotel is located 5 km from the airport and 12 km from the railway station.
Читать на русском о гостинице Нью Мун, Бухара, Узбекистан

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