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Last updated: 12 Jan 2020

Hotel Komil Boutique, Bukhara, Uzbekistan

Rating 3 stars
705018, Bukhara, Uzbekistan
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51 US$
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The Komil boutique hotel is located in the old town of Bukhara, three hundred meters from the Lyabi-Hauz square. The two-story building of the hotel was built over a hundred years ago and originally belonged to a Bukhara bai (rich and influential person). Despite the reconstructions that took place over the years, nowadays the interiors of each room still preserve the Bukhara ambience of the late 19th century. For example, the dining hall where breakfasts, lunches and dinners are served, has retained its appearance since the 19th century in its original form.

The hotel has twenty-one rooms, each equipped with air conditioning, mini bar, satellite TV, refrigerator, wireless Internet, private bathroom with hairdryer, free toiletries and slippers. The hotel offers cots and babysitting services to guests with children.

The hotel's restaurant is decorated in a traditional style with elegant wooden furniture. It offers a large selection of European and national cuisine, and there is also a vegetarian menu. The hotel features a massage room, business center, and free parking. Komil Boutique provides airport shuttle service. From here, you can easily reach the main sights of Bukhara, such as the fortress Ark and the Poi-Kalyan Mosque. Such a trip will take five minutes walking.
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