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Last updated: 04 Dec 2019

Hotel Grand Nodirbek, Bukhara, Uzbekistan

Rating 3 stars
Sarrafon str. 10
200100, Bukhara, Uzbekistan
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33 US$
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Grand Nodirbek Hotel is located in the center of Bukhara, within five-minute walk from the Lyabi House district and ten minutes from the Chor-Minor Madrassah.

All twenty-seven rooms of the hotel are decorated in a traditional national style, each equipped with autonomous air conditioning, TV with satellite channels, wireless internet and a bathroom with a bath. At guests' disposal there is a common space and outdoor seating area, decorated in an antique style.

For guests with children, the hotel offers babysitting services. The hotel, one of the few in Bukhara, allows guests to stay with pets. The hotel's restaurant serves European and national cuisine, and guests can enjoy meals in the room. In the Grand Nodirbek services of the business center are presented; also you can rent a bicycle, parking for automotive transport is provided.

The distance to the international airport of Bukhara is 5 kilometers, and railway station Bukhara-1 is fifteen kilometers away.
Читать на русском о гостинице Гранд Нодирбек, Бухара, Узбекистан

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