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Last updated: 20 Jan 2020

Hotel Bibi Khanum, Bukhara, Uzbekistan

Rating 2 stars
L.Babahanova str.27
.200118, Bukhara, Uzbekistan
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53 US$
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Boutique Hotel Bibi Khanum is located in the old part of the city Bukhara, just three hundred meters away from the famous Lyabi-Hauz complex. The hotel's building was constructed in the late 18th century and once belonged to an official of the Emir of Bukhara. Today it is a combination of skillfully reconstructed rooms and newly built rooms. The hotel has only eight rooms, each equipped with air conditioning, satellite TV, wireless internet, and bathroom. All rooms are different in design: some adorn copies of the frescoes from the ancient settlement Afrosiab, others feature majolica patterns based on ornamentation from the Nadir Divan Begi madrasah; some rooms are decorated with oriental miniatures, ganch carvings and national embroideries - suzane. From the courtyard of the hotel you can enjoy a beautiful view of the Bibikhany mosque and its Dome. Most of the sights of ancient Bukhara are within walking distance from the hotel. A cafe is located five minutes walk from the hotel, the hotel offers a closed parking lot, a gift shop, bicycle rental and tour desk.
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