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Last updated: 26 Jan 2018

Hotel ASL, Bukhara, Uzbekistan

Rating 3 stars
B.Naqshband Street 100
200118 , Bukhara, Uzbekistan
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52 US$
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Hotel ASL is located in the historical center of Bukhara, just a hundred meters from the Lyabi-Hauz ensemble and a 15-minute walk from the famous Kalyan Minaret. The hotel has twelve rooms equipped with air conditioning, satellite TV, refrigerators, wireless Internet. Each room allows access to a balcony.

The en suite bathrooms come with a hairdryer, slippers and free toiletries. Guests of the hotel can, if they desire, cook their own meals in the common kitchen, and a wide range of cafes and restaurants can be found within a five-minute walk of the hotel.

For families with children, the hotel offers babysitting services. The ASL hotel offers a conference room equipped with all required devices and furniture. Free public parking is possible at a location nearby. The hotel offers an airport shuttle service.
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