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Last updated: 30 Jun 2019

Hotel Vella Elegant, Andijan, Uzbekistan

Rating 4 stars
Andijon shaxri Boburshox 40 G
170100, Andijan, Uzbekistan
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32 US$
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Читать на русском о гостинице Велла Элегант, Андижан, Узбекистан

Facilities and amenities

Safe in roomParking inside hotelParking outside hotelCredit cards accepted
Buffet breakfastBar(s) in hotelRestaurant(s) in hotelConference facilities
Fitness facilityOutdoor swimming poolTennis CourtMassage
Children allowedNon-smoking roomsDaily housekeepingLaundry
Wireless Internet in common areasWake-up serviceElevatorAircondition in room
Wireless or cable Internet in roomsSatellite TVTVShower in the bathroom
Clothing ironHair dryerWriting desk

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