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Policies of Roomsline

Below, the policies of Roomsline are set out to be applied in interactions with accommodation properties and clients.

Privacy Policies

Roomsline strives to protect sensitive information of clients and accommodation properties. Such information is kept confidential at all stages. Name and contact details (such as, for example, physical and mailing address, telephone and fax number) are only used by Roomsline staff to contact the client in order to discuss the details of booking, financial matters and/or other important aspects related to it. Roomsline will not disclose such information to any third party unless it is legally required to do so by appropriate authorities.

The following pieces of information are kept confidential by Roomsline:
  • Name, physical address, email, telephone, fax numbers
  • Details of stay, itineraries, rates and payment modalities
  • Accommodation preferences, food and entertainment preferences.

Credit Cards

Roomsline may use a third party provider for credit card processing, if agreed with the Client. This may require credit card information to be submitted. Such data is forwarded on-line by the Client to a third party billing service through encrypted and protected protocols and is used by that service for the sole purposes of processing request for payment. Roomsline would at no moment have any access to such data, neither it would request, store, or process such credit card information on its website.


In order to improve client's experience and assure visitors enjoy a good quality of service, this website offers a section Testimonials or Reviews related to each accommodation, where clients share their opinions about the hotels and other aspects of their stay. This section may contain the name of the traveller, full or partial, details of the stay that took place, etc. All such information is only made public with a verbal or written consent of the traveller(s) and can be removed at any moment upon request.

Payment and Refund Policies

1. The below Payment Policies are applied to clients who make room bookings at accommodation properties via Roomsline booking system.

2. Specific application of payment terms and modalities may vary in different countries based on local legislation.

3. Accommodation properties (hotels, motels, guesthouses etc.) under local legislation would normally require a prepayment (advance payment) for rooms and related services being offered to the client. Such prepayment is used to safeguard accommodation properties from various risks such as full or partial no-show, early checkin or late checkout etc.

4. In case a room stay or additional service is cancelled prior to its beginning due to whatever reason (see Cancellation Policies), the client is entitled to a refund. The conditions, amount and other particular details of the refund are to be discussed through communication between Roomsline and client.

5. It is the responsibility of Roomsline to provide the client with a convenient and reliable means of payment. These may include, but not limited to:
  • Payment to a bank account
  • Card payment
  • Payment through one of online payment services such as Paypal, Qiwi, etc.
  • Crypto currencies
6. Payment for the booked rooms can be made immediately at the moment of booking if the accommodation property allows for instant booking. Otherwise, a postponed payment should be used.


A stay or other service(s) ordered via Roomsline can be cancelled by the Client. Roomsline requires that such cancellation should be made in a written form (via email, fax or regular mail) well in advance before the beginning of the stay/service.

Normally, a Client is requested to follow the below rules when cancelling a stay:

1. An individual traveller or a small group (under 10 people) must send a cancellation notice at least 7 days before the beginning of the stay/service to avoid a Cancellation Fee.

2. A group larger than 10 people must send a cancellation notice at least 30 days before the beginning of the stay/service to avoid a Cancellation Fee.

3. If a multiple stay at different properties is booked, Cancellation Policies and Fees of the relevant property may be applied.

4. Specific cancellation conditions must be provided in the booking form for each accommodation property and the Client must be made aware of them.

Cancellation Fee

If a stay or service was ordered and then cancelled by the Client later than the terms indicated in Para 1, 2 or 3 above, a Cancellation Fee may be applied. Usually, it is deducted from the amount to be returned to the Client as reimbursement of the advance payment.

The amount of the Cancellation Fee is based on the actual expenses of Roomsline based on the contract with accommodation property and it should be discussed with the Client via correspondence.