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Last updated: 02 Mar 2020

Hotel Grand, Samarkand, Uzbekistan

Rating 4 stars
Yalangtush Bakhodir Str.31,
140100, Samarkand, Uzbekistan
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71 US$
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The 4-star Grand hotel is located in the business part of the city and offers thirty rooms including non-smoking ones. The hotel allows guests with pets. All rooms are equipped with air conditioning, satellite TV, telephone, wireless Internet, refrigerators, mini-bar, bathrooms equipped with hairdryer. To satisfy the guests' requests, the hotel has all the conditions for better rest, such as fitness center, outdoor pool, and sauna. For business events, the hotel features a business center and conference hall equipped with all the required equipment and communication facilities. Guests are invited to spend evenings in the restaurant, located in the immediate vicinity of the hotel, with a stylish lounge bar. The hotel provides a garden for strolls and and a parking lot. Airport shuttle is available at an additional cost.
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